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Tom Chapman

Well it looks like Björk isn't the strangest thing to come out of the Icelandic music scene. Pop/folk group Bara Heiða have released this touching video of a Stormtrooper looking for love. Titled Stormtrooper, it follows our anti-hero marooned on Earth and looking for 'the one'.

Thanks to John Boyega's Finn, The Force Awakens has already dispelled the rumour that Stormtroopers are just faceless clones, but Bara Heiða have taken it one step further. Their soothing melody and catchy lyrics escort our titular Stormtrooper as he looks for love in all of the wrong places.

Perhaps we could have hooked him up with a Tinder makeover in time for Star Wars Episode VIII? At the start our Trooper gets a dead end job in a kitchen, goes on some awful dates (we have all been there) and continues his quest for a Daisy Rildey.

What seems like could end in tragedy, actually has an uplifting end. Our intrepid Stormtrooper meets a die-hard Star Wars fan and the pair immediately hit it off. An important new job, a woman to love and the collapse of The Empire. What more could you want? Bara Heiða certainly cheered up our Monday.


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