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New stills from Microsoft’s next big title Gears of War 4 look absolutely stunning, showcasing a whole heap of fresh horror and gore!

It has been a busy few days for Gears Of War 4, with news flowing bountifully out of Microsoft's doors. Just last week we found out that the game will be set two decades after Gears Of War 3, with the entire event taking place over a period of 24 hours and focusing on new characters.

Now, we're able to get an even better look into the game's future. Thanks to Game Informer's April cover story, we've been granted early access to a lot of new Gears info. Today, we can share a fresh round of unreleased images that will feature in the magazine's upcoming exclusive.

The new images look incredible; they are absolutely what I wanted from the next generation of Gears Of War. The freeze frames are a tantalizing introduction to the update — with new characters, storyline and enemies — and this next game promises to be something very special indeed.

The shots showcase a plethora of evil; we are first introduced to an execution. The player is able to take a very large combat knife and drive it deep into the face of an enemy. Sweet!

We are then shown just how athletic our new cast can be with the introduction of a vault/mantle kick. As the player vaults over cover, they are now able to incorporate an enemy takedown into the move — by means of boot to face.

We are then shown an image of a Sera Windflare. These are devastating storms that rip across the planet’s surface. Not only is the lightening extremely dangerous, but the winds that accompany the storm hurl debris across the environment. Any unlucky players caught in the path of one of these storms should immediately run for cover.

Juvies are an all-new type of enemy in Gears Of War 4 — although easy enough to deal with one on one, when in packs these scary-looking creatures can be extremely difficult to deal with. They are fast and unpredictable, making them one heck of a tricky customer when out in the open.

The new Gears is certainly shaping up very nicely — so far I am very impressed. The emphasis on cover combat combined with the introduction of distinct characters is really refreshing. It would seem that this next title is just what the doctor ordered. Sera will see you now.

What do you make of 'Gears Of War 4' so far?

Source: Game Informer


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