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Kurt Arthur

Warning: International audiences are not nearly as concern with spoilers as your typical North American audience. I am one of those people --- that really hate certain spoilers and others I am okay with. Check it out:

After watching this trailer, how did you feel? Right now, I am wondering how many people are going to eat their words --- when the movie comes out and it blows-away expectations. Gal Gadot looked intimidating in her leather jacket walking down the hallway. Doesn't this pique your excitement for the movie and I am not saying that it wasn't already piqued.

I am not comparing this to Nolan's trilogy; because those in my mind are on a different level than what Snyder intends to accomplish with this movie. Nolan had one goal: to bring Batman to life and separate The Dark Knight from those cheesy 90's movies. And what he did was way beyond that and they will always have a special place in cinema. Zack Snyder has the task of forming the Justice League --- and that is not an easy task. We probably will compare performances, but in my mind I'm going to try not to compare directors. I hope this will make the viewing experience that much sweeter! (Yes, I know it's going to be hard!)


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