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There has been much speculation about whether a couple of Valve's most famous video game series Portal and Half-Life will be getting movies, and apparently they are still going ahead says JJ Abrams. When asked about the Half Life and Portal movies Abrams said 'they are in development, and have writers, and they are working on both of these stories'. I think many fans for a number of years have wanted to see a Portal and a Half Life movie, and the fact that Abrams has confirmed that both of these movies are in development will get a number of fans excited.


Fans would raise the discussion on whether they believe these movies will be good in telling the story of the games in a way that made both franchises incredible. As some fans might not have high hopes for these movies as they might think the movies will not succeed.

Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman

I for one would like to see these movies succeed, I'm a fan of both the Portal and Half Life movies and I've been hoping there will be a movie to tell the incredible story of both these games. I've fan casted a couple of the roles, for example the voice of Glados which should definitely go to voice actress Ellen Mclain who provides the voice of Glados in the Portal games. For the role of Gordon Freeman I've pictured actors such as Bryan Cranston and Michael Fassbender.

Let me know in the comments your guys suggestions on who could take on the main roles in these stories!


Do you think the Portal and Half Life movies could be a success?


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