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Fallout 4 Automatron releases March 22. Build and customize your own robotic companions in Fallout 4's first big DLC!

Bethesda has announced the launch of their first DLC for Fallout 4 with a steel shredding trailer.

In Automatron, a new mystery character called the Mechanist is building and releasing a whole host of all new extremely evil robots. These new mechanical monsters will be unlike anything else you would have ever seen before in Fallout 4.

Although theses beasts are going to be hard to put down, the fun comes in after. Once a player has downed a robot they can then harvest whatever parts they want and craft all new companions. Make your new buddy as big and strong as you please — you’re going to need the protection.

This new crafting ability is a real immersive experience, talk about a game mode that will eat up the hours. Players will be able to choose from hundreds of new mod, mix limbs, armor, abilities, and weapons in any way they see fit. The team has also included new base weapons that can be found scattered throughout the commonwealth. Customize paintwork and even choose your new BFF’s voice.

This DLC will be available to download next week. In April, Bethesda will be expanding the capabilities of settlements with Wasteland Workshop, then in May players will be able to venture further still. In Far Harbor, players will gain access to new geographical locations as they expand the borders of the wasteland into Maine.

Are you ready to face the full might of the Mechanist? Automatron can be all yours for just $10 come March 22.


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