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For years there's been a heated debate among people on the topic of Spider-Man's spelling, with some writing it as 'Spider-Man' and others simply as 'Spiderman'. Adding fuel to the fire, there are comic books out there that spell it both with a hyphen and without it.

A long time ago, the superhero's co-creator Stan Lee emphasized that his arachnid creation's name was hyphenated: 'Spider-Man'.

Make no mistake friends (pun absolutely intended), the wall-crawler's name's correct spelling is "Spider-Man".

It was written this way so as to not confuse readers with DC's big blue Superman, who wasn't written with a hyphen... but other than that... what's the logical explanation behind this controversial (I can't believe I just typed that) sign?

If you were in the club of not knowing why Spider-Man is spelled like this, the lovable (or hated, I don't know) Chandler from the lovable TV series 'Friends', provides the most coherent and perfect explanation for this:

As he puts it:

"Because it's not his last name. It's not like 'Phil Spiderman'. He's a spider-MAN."

While to some this can seem like an obvious answer, it's nice to have step-by-step explanation. What did you think? Did you know the reason behind the hyphen all along?


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