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After bombarding us with promotional material for Captain America: Civil War, it's pretty clear Marvel has all their fans wrapped around their little finger. In what looks set to be their most successful solo movie ever, Marvel have done what very few films have done before and split their fans straight down the middle, blurring the lines between hero and villain.

Even in the comic adaptation, it was unclear who we were meant to be rooting for. Iron Man followed the rules set out by the government while Cap rebelled against the state, though at the same time Cap made it clear he truly believed in what he was fighting for.

Much like the comic that inspired it, Captain America: Civil War has divided fans. So far, Marvel themselves haven't presented either side as the good guys and have succeeded in keeping the playing field level.

Or have they?

Marvel have released two full length trailers so far. The first seems to focus heavily on Cap and his side of the story, whereas the second on Tony Stark and the reasoning behind the superhero registration act. Marvel has clearly tried to show both sides of the story in order to split fans ( all the way!) but is trying to appear on the fence itself.

However, despite this, they've given us some very interesting bits of information that prove otherwise. Are Marvel advocating one side over the other? Take a look at the evidence below and decide for yourself!

Team Cap:

Team Cap sees a lot of support in the first trailer. If you're unfamiliar with what we were shown, have another look here.

There's no denying that this trailer wants the audience to see Cap as the hero of this story. Right from the start it justifies everything he's doing by showing how much he cares about Bucky and the lengths he's willing to go to if his friends are in trouble.

We see the government trying to take control of Steve because of their own opinions on how he does things. Maybe some of the top dogs decided enough was enough and called for a total recall of all superheroes. Either way, Cap is clearly being victimized here and something just doesn't seem right.

We see him running. Oh my, can he run. Throughout this whole trailer, Cap is seen running and fighting for his life, avoiding the offensive as best he can and always staying on the unambiguously heroic side of the fight. He's clearly under a lot of pressure and the thought of a war against a close friend clearly isn't helping things.

Most of all, Cap is portrayed as the reluctant warrior. He doesn't want to fight Tony, claiming he doesn't have any other choice. He's not fighting because he wants to but because he has to.

On top of that, Tony Stark is seen as an opposing force throughout the trailer, acting particularly hostile towards Steve on several occasions. Now I don't know about you, but I can't really imagine the hero of our story threatening to punch out his friend's teeth over a small disagreement.

There's no doubt that Cap is definitely the guy to root for in this movie. With a reason to fight and a cause we can get behind, anyone in their right mind should be backing #TeamCap at this point.

Team Iron Man:

Iron Man stepped up to the podium in the second trailer that appeared earlier this month. Give it another watch quickly. Trust me, it's still worth your time.

If you had only seen the first trailer, you'd assume that Cap was definitely the sole hero of this movie. I mean, it's his movie for crying out loud! However, the second trailer gave us the other side of the story.

It's revealed this time that it's not just about Bucky, but rather the series of catastrophic attacks on the human race that left thousands dead. The three largest of these, New York, Washington D.C. and Sokovia, all heavily involved Cap and his team. Under the circumstances, it makes a lot of sense to introduce a registration act.

But Cap doesn't seem to keen, even with all the evidence laid out before him. Enter Tony Stark, the answer to everyone's problems. People are justifiably afraid and Stark, the celebrity face of The Avengers, is the hero the people need right now. To the public, Cap remains anonymous. Who would you rather trust in these desperate times?

But it doesn't end there. Bucky is shown to be much more aggressive towards Tony than ever before. He takes a shot at his head with the intention of killing him. Does that sound like something a hero would do?

And aside from the fight for justice, Tony clearly has a personal reason to fight. War Machine, Tony's oldest friend, is shown being fatally shot out of the sky and presumably falling to his death. Cap admitted to going to any length to make sure things stay right, but would he really go as far as to authorize a hit on a former ally?

And even if War Machine turns out okay, Cap has clearly done some horrific things to warrant Tony declaring that the whole world was wrong about him. Tony Stark stating that the hero of mankind is evil isn't something that can be taken lightly. He even tells the audience that it was Cap that started the war. Would you really want to follow a warmongering murderer? Thought not.

Ultimately, despite it being a Captain America movie, Marvel have done a fine job at giving both sides a fair chance. While Iron Man does get slandered in the first trailer, there's no denying he gets well and truly victimized in the second. Likewise, Cap is painted as both a do-no-wrong hero and a borderline terrorist.

Ultimately though, they've left it up to the fans. One team will come out on top but for now, it's all to play for.


Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?


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