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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) pits 12 of our favorite Marvel heroes against each other in an epic fight that will be over two hours long. From Iron Man to Captain America, and Ant Man to Spider-Man, Earth's mightiest heroes will finally meet their match: each other.

In the comic arc of Civil War, however, there were more than just 12 heroes. Practically every Marvel character was affected in some way by this war. But which side were they on? Find out below!

The X-Men

The X-Men remained neutral during the war, as decided by Cyclops, who was the leader at the time. Though many of the X-Men had mixed feelings about the Superhuman Registration Act (Wolverine despised it, Bishop liked it, etc.), in the long-run the mutants decided to stay out of the matter.

After previous events, the remaining X-Men realized that they would not likely survive the Civil War. In addition, as part of the Mutant Registration Act, they were all registered already. Fighting about it with the Avengers wouldn't change any thing for them.

The Fantastic Four

At the beginning of the war, all four members of the Fantastic Four were pro-registration (Team Iron Man). Reed (Mr. Fantastic), in fact, was one of the leaders of the group, as he worked with Stark to design a new superhuman prison.

About halfway through the war, Sue (Invisible Woman) betrayed Team Iron Man, and she joined Captain America's team with Johnny (Human Torch). Ben (Thing) left Iron Man's team as well, but left the country in order to stay neutral. Reed was the only member of the F4 to stay on Team Stark. During the final battle, the Thing arrived at the location of the fight to help protect the civilians. After the Civil War, the four forgave each other for turning against each other.

Doctor Strange

Though Doctor Strange strongly opposed the Superhuman Registration Act, he was bound to not choose a side as it was not his place to do so as Sorcerer Supreme. He instead hid in the arctic during the war, but not before telling Tony Stark and Reed Richards off for being "disgusting." He told them to never contact him again and 'poofed' away.

After the final battle of the war, Doctor Strange did finally take an actual stand by giving refuge to the remaining members of Captain America's team. He helped these Secret Avengers by allowing them to hide in the Sanctum Santorum, which he had disguised as a Starbucks that was being built. He assisted the remaining refugees of Team Captain America on their missions to help the world.

The Punisher

At the beginning of the Civil War, Punisher did not really care which side won. Once the pro-registration side started recruiting supervillains, however, Punisher strongly opposed Iron Man's side and joined Captain America. He joined by rescuing the strongly beaten Spider-Man shortly after the web-slinger betrayed Iron Man and brought him to the resistance's secret hideout.

Many members of Team Cap opposed Punisher's membership as they did not trust the antihero, but Captain America let him join anyways. Punisher helped the resistance break into the Baxter Building (where there was a portal to the superhuman prison), but was forced to leave the group after he killed two supervillains who wanted to join the team.

Jessica Jones And Luke Cage

The Civil War started shortly after the birth of Luke and Jessica's child. Both heroes opposed the Superhuman Registration Act, but they knew they should not both fight while they had a newborn daughter to take care of.

To protect their child, Jessica moved with her daughter to Canada while Luke stayed in the U.S. and joined Captain America. Luke stayed loyal to the resistance during the entire war. After the war, Luke became a leader of the remaining Resistance members while Jessica returned to the U.S. and registered as a superhuman. This created tension between the reunited couple.


Right off the bat during the Civil War, Daredevil was Team Captain America. He, like many others, hoped to preserve his secret identity (which was key to Matt's occupation as a lawyer). Halfway through the war, Daredevil was captured by Team Iron Man and was taken into the superhuman prison.

As Iron Man delivered Daredevil to his cell, Murdock gave Stark a single silver coin and told him that it now meant Stark had 31 pieces of silver, comparing him to Judas in the Bible after he betrayed Jesus. During the final battle, Daredevil was freed from the prison and rejoined his friends in the fight against registration.


Towards the beginning of the Civil War, Storm, along with her new husband Black Panther, stayed neutral. They had just married and instead chose to tour the world as the royal couple they were. Storm was not a member of the X-Men at the time, so she was not bound to their regulations and decisions.

When they visited America, however, the U.S. government tried to force Storm to register as a superhuman or be arrested. Because of this, Storm joined Team Captain America with Black Panther (who was Team Cap in the comics, but is Team Iron Man in the movie). They fought in the final battle of the War as part of the resistance.

Big Hero 6

Because the members of Big Hero Six lived in Japan, they were not forced to register, thus not making them part of the Civil War. They had no need to fight with Captain America or with Iron Man as the outcome of the war would not likely affect their actions in any way.

The Japanese government, however, was influenced by the U.S.'s registration act and created one of their own. The Japanese version was rather different, though, and was not as strict as the American version. The members of the Big Hero Six like Baymax, Hiro, and Fred were in favor of registration and worked for the government in that way. Though they were not part of the Civil War, they did show through their actions that they were in support of Team Iron Man.

Ms. Marvel (Captain Marvel)

Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel / Captain Marvel) was a strong supporter of the Registration Act and fought alongside Iron Man as one of the leaders of the Initiative (Team Iron Man).

After the war, Carol was rewarded for her loyalty by being made the leader of the Mighty Avengers — the New York superhero team that was part of the 50 State Initiative (a result of the Registration Act). Ms. Marvel never faltered in her decision to support Iron Man during the war.

Nick Fury

The world thought Fury to be dead during the events of Civil War. Because of this, Maria Hill was made the standing director of S.H.I.E.L.D. As Hill was a strong supporter of the Registration Act, she took her position as standing director very seriously and enforced the law in violent ways.

Nick Fury, however, strongly opposed the Registration Act. Not wanting to reveal he was alive, however, he tried to stay out of the fighting. He did find a way to help Captain America's resistance, though, by sending them new gear and giving them fake identities.

Hank Pym

Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, was Team Iron Man, even though he was retired at the time. Instead of fighting in the battles as Yellowjacket, his alter ego, Hank worked with Tony Stark and Reed Richards to help design the superhuman prison.

Before the final battle, Pym's involvement in the matter helped Team Captain America break into the prison. Hulkling, a Young Avenger with shape-shifting abilities, managed to transform himself into Hank in order to access the prison.


The deadly, symbiotic, Spider-Man look-alike was primarily a villain, but showed his lighter side when he joined Team Iron Man. He became part of the Thunderbolts initiative, a scheme pioneered by the pro-registration side to rehabilitate supervillains, and help them work towards the greater good.

Though it felt good to not be hounded by the law, most of the Thunderbolts like Venom admitted they liked the job because they got to beat up superheroes legally. Venom, along with the other Thunderbolts, fought during the final battle of the Civil War.

Characters like Thor and Hulk were not available during the Civil War, as Thor was presumed dead (but was really in an extended sleep) and Hulk was banished to deep space. This meant they could not choose a side in the matter.

Though the cast of Captain America: Civil War may have the largest Avengers line-up we have ever seen, it really does not include everyone. As this list shows there were countless heroes who took sides in the battle. There are even more than those on this list, but this about wraps it up for the big-name heroes.

Which side are you on? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Which side are you on?


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