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Secret Santa is a feature-length film that tells the story of a group of eccentric college kids, struggling to get through the hectic exam period. This Horror/Comedy is a tribute to B-Movie Slashers but also takes the conventions and turns them upside down. A liquor filled party is planned. Adding a Secret Santa exchange for fun. Little do our characters know… A killer is in town and has a special present for all the good (and bad) girls and boys. Dare to open your present? It might be your last...

Secret Santa is filmmaker Mikey McMurran and his production company, Reel Phobia Productions’ first feature film. Being a huge fan of the 80’s VHS slashers, Mikey wanted to create a sense of nostalgia for horror fans. Secret Santa is filled with laughs, blood, saucy women, gore, gore, and more gore! The film had it’s world premiere at Blood in the Snow Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario this past November, selling out their midnight madness screening as well as the encore screening. If you want a fun, nostalgic throwback to horror’s glory days, Secret Santa is one to watch. The Producer’s are currently seeking a distributor to get the film out to as many horror fans as possible. Let’s get this Secret Santa party started!!!!!


Will you be partaking in Secret Santa?


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