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This my version of the 2020 reboot of the intergalactic peacekeeping organization. This film has multiple lanterns of different colors that I feel should appear in the film. So please allow me to explain my version of the Green Lantern Corps movie.

First I wanted to cast the three lead lanterns in the film who are Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, and John Stewart. The actors I want are largely not household names but I see talent in them.

Dan Amboyer as Hal Jordan

Rumor has it he's already casted and he looks the part fingers crossed.

Jack O'Connell as Kyle Rayner

He was pretty decent in Unbroken and mostly unknown so it seems he do Kyle justice.

Nate Parker as John Stewart

Nate is a versatile actor with movie credits to his name and best he is not a movie star. He has the look and acting chops to get the job done.

The villain in the movie is Sinestro who's in charge of the Yellow Lanterns. I want him portrayed by Graham McTavish

Not a movie star also, but has appeared in the Hobbit Trilogy as the dwarf Dwalin. To me he has the skill and veracity to pull off Sinestro.


In the movie the GL Corps is currently at war with the traitorous Sinestro who became consumed by the power of fear. Hal Jordan is leading the front line battle while John Stewart was helping Justice League on Earth. Kyle Rayner is leading new recruits of Lanterns to fight Yellow Lanterns.

In this film Sinestro has made a deal with Braniac who is one of the GL Corps' most wanted. Braniac promised Sinestro that he will spare his homework if he destroys Oa.

The Green Lanterns are overwhelmed by Sinestro and Manhunter Androids reprogrammed by Braniac to assist Sinestro. So this causes Hal, Kyle, and John to seek the help of

The Thanagarians

this movie should be the Cinematic debut of Hawkman and Hawkgirl who assists the GL Corps against the Sinestro Corps and the Manhunters.

This is my version of the green Lantern Corps movie in the DCEU.


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