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14 year old Marvel and Star Wars Fanatic
Alex Yoo

I was sitting in Home and Careers class at school, when I got the notification that Marvel released the new Captain America: Civil War trailer, and I immediately asked to go to the bathroom (to watch the trailer, of course!). I went into a stall and watched it. I have to say, the new trailer is absolutely amazing. They totally caught me off guard with spider in the end! I was so excited reeked out, storming into the lunch room after class, found my fellow marvel fans and said, "Six Words: New Civil War Trailer, Spider-Man!" They were like WHATTT and we watched it right there, not caring if we got caught or not. Thankfully, we didn't get caught, and we were soon all hyped up and practically yelling "underoos" to each other for the rest of the weekend. Later that day, I went home and analyzed the trailer frame-by-frame and found one frame that was... interesting. I couldn't screenshot the image on my mac, so I found the same one on Here it is."


IS THAT BUCKY? It sure looks like it! As we know from the trailer, War machine gets severely injured and possibly dies by the Winter Soldier's gunshot, so maybe Iron Man wanted to return the favor to Captain America. I honestly wonder if this movie is going to be as serious as the comics were...


What do you think?


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