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It seems everyone is getting into the Marvel spirit. Even your favorite celebrities are suiting up and choosing sides for Marvel's upcoming box office monster, Captain America: Civil War. In fact, the majority seem to have picked the same side and are mostly backing everyone's favorite patriotic badass, Captain America. If you're still deciding which team you're supporting, maybe these guys will help change your mind.

1. John Boyega

Unsurprisingly, everyone's favorite traitorous Storm Trooper has once again chosen against the control of the government.

2. Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool himself swore allegiance to the red, white and blue after Chris Evans congratulated him on the movie's success. However, Robert Downey Jr. pointed out that it wasn't likely to last for one specific reason:

3. Bill Shatner

It seems the Captain of Starship Enterprise is still very engaged in what's going on back on Earth. Shatner has repeatedly expressed his undying support for .

4. Peter Mayhew

Following Shatner's decision, the man behind Chewbacca gave his full support for Cap. With a Wookiee on your side, the battle's as good as won!

5. Raleigh Ritchie

Musician Raleigh Ritchie a.k.a. Jacob Anderson a.k.a. Grey Worm from Game of Thrones clearly isn't a fan of being subject to total control.

6. MatPat

Matthew Patrick, otherwise known as MatPat, the genius behind Game Theory and Film Theory, seems to have gotten a little too excited over .

7. Bernie Sanders

Yes, it's true. When The Daily Dot decided to ask every presidential candidate which side they were taking in Civil War, Bernie was the only one to respond, declaring he was firmly on .

is yet to receive such strong endorsement from Hollywood's finest, though we can expect the sides to even out as we get closer to the release date.

'Captain America: Civil War' hits theaters May 6 in the US.


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