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After the final [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer, I am sure we are all excited. Ant-man and Hawkeye doing the classic arrow bit, Cap and Iron Man fighting, and, oh I don't know, the appearance of the Amazing Spider-Man! What's not to be excited about? Regardless of how great the movie is, it wouldn't be here without the comic. Here are five of my favorite moments from Marvel Comics' Civil War Arc.

1. Who Was Really Responsible: Wolverine #42-48

While the SRA (Superhero Registration Act) will be drafted due to the events of the previous Avengers movies, in the comics it happened for a completely different reason. A villain named Nitro used his powers of explosion to stop himself from being captured. It resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent people. After the law was passed, most of the heroes were busy punching each other over who was right or wrong. But Wolverine kept his eye on the tragedy and set out to find the person responsible for all of this destruction.

Why This Moment:

Wolverine was the only hero set on avenging the deaths in Stamford. This was not the typical revenge story where Wolverine finds the guy and beats him and that’s the end of it. Wolverine finds out that Nitro may have been the sickness, but someone else spread the disease.

Also, this is the series that swayed Luke Cage to fight against the SRA. Cage didn’t quite get why the SRA was such a bad idea until Wolverine explained what registration meant for mutants. He says, "there's registration and then there's registration” and that "the world ain't so nice outside your ivory towers, bub." Without these words, Luke might have been fighting with Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. instead of Steve Rogers and the resistance.

2. I've Been Spider-Man Since I Was Fifteen: Civil War #2

The lines have been drawn. Captain America and Tony Stark have put together their teams. But who would strike the first big blow for their side? Of course Tony Stark would. Stark is known for making a big spectacle of things. What does he do? He brings Spider-Man on stage in front of television cameras and has him unmask in front of the entire world.

Why This Moment:

The Spider-Man unmasking was such a big deal that even CNN and Fox news covered it in real life. The absolute best part of this was the reaction of J. Jonah. Jameson (Peter Parker's boss at the Daily Bugle). All he could do was fall out of his seat in shock. That may be the funniest moment of the series.

3. The Revolution WILL be Televised: New Avenger #22

Iron Man and Ms. Marvel went to Jessica Jones and Luke Cage's household to plead with them to join their battle against Captain America and his rebel team. Luke sat in silence while his wife (Jessica Jones) explained that she had no interest in fighting either way and just wanted to raise their kid. Finally, Luke interjects and says he won't sign and that he is just going to stay home and raise his kid. Stark tells him that if he doesn't, S.H.I.E.L.D. will show up at his house, remove him from his home, and throw him in jail. Cage asks if this was 1950s Mississippi. Cage tells Stark this to remind him that, for him as a black male, taking people out of their home for doing nothing has a very familiar ring.

Luke Cage standing up for what is right.
Luke Cage standing up for what is right.

Why This Moment:

This was the issue wear Luke Cage became a major player. Cage was no longer just the co-founder of Heroes for Hire or a member of the Avengers. He was his own man standing up for what he believed in and was ready to die for those beliefs. And Cage did exactly that. He stood his ground and sat in his home. When S.H.I.E.L.D. came to arrest him for sitting down and doing nothing, Cage fought them all. The most important part wasn't his victory. It was the people of his neighborhood seeing Cage standing up for what he believed in regardless of the outcome. It was an image they would never forget.

4. Thor Kills Goliath: Civil War #4

The first major battle of the Civil War was being fought and it looked like Cap's team was going to take home the win. Right before Hercules could strike a major blow, lightning falls from the sky and Thor appears. At this time, everyone thought Thor was dead. And he was. Apparently, Tony Stark kept some of Thor's hair from their first meeting and cloned Thor from that hair. Tony Stark, with the help of Reed Richards, cloned a god. Knowing that with Thor there the battle would be over, the resistance decided it was time to retreat. While they backed out of the battle, Goliath stepped up to take on Thor, but was immediately killed by the clone after Thor threw a lightning bolt through Goliath's chest.

Why This Moment:

This was NOT the Thor we all know
This was NOT the Thor we all know

Goliath's death caused major players like Spider-Man, Sue Richards (the Invisible Woman) and Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) to switch sides. The death of their friend was enough for them to realize that they were fighting on the wrong side. More than that, it was a really heavy scene. Everyone on both sides of the SRA looked on in both disbelief and despair as their giant friend laid their dead.

5. Not Against You: Civil War #6

After Frank Castle (the Punisher) saved Spider-Man from S.H.I.E.L.D., Punisher joins Cap's team and helps them get access to the Baxter Building and to the prison holding the superheroes. Before the big show down, a couple of villains offer their help to Captain America and his team. Before Cap could accept, Punisher shoots and kills them because they are thieves and killers (apparently, Punisher doesn't get irony). Cap loses it and beats Punisher down bad. What is weird is the Punisher wouldn't fight back. Punisher looked up at Cap from the ground and said "Not against you." Cap was shocked and kicked Punisher off the team.

Why This Moment:

The look on Cap's face was classic. This was the first moment during the war when Cap had to stop and wonder if he was on the right side of it all. The best part of all of this was the comparison of Cap and Punisher. Same guy, just a different war.

Thanks for reading, everyone. What was your favorite moment of the Marvel Civil War comic? Let me know in the comments.


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