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The use of a perfect song can be the cherry on the cake of a great movie. It can elevate a movie to into the realm of true art. The ending of The Graduate would arguably not be as iconic if it was not soundtracked by Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound Of Silence" and the same can be said for the final scenes of classic movies like The Breakfast Club (Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me") and even Monty Python's The Life Of Brian ("Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life").

But did you know there's a song in existence that is actually the perfect ending to every film?

That's right, "Walk Of Life", a jaunty '80's classic from Dire Straits, is the ideal song to play at the end of literally any movie you can name. Don't believe me? Well, you don't need to take my word for it. Peter Salamone is the brains behind the website The Walk Of Life Project, and he has set out to prove that very hypothesis.

His website features the song superimposed over a huge number of movies (and some TV shows) and it works surprisingly well in the final scenes of a lot of them.

It gives The Dark Knight Rises' final scenes a happily-ever-after vibe that Hans Zimmer's brooding tones never could:

Meanwhile, The Graduate loses much of its ambiguity once that organ riff kicks in:

And, well, it seems much less traumatic that Charlton Heston was home all along in Planet Of The Apes:

Granted, some work better than others. It seems well suited to Friends' optimistic goodbye, but at the other end of the spectrum the screaming that ends The Blair Witch Project kinda kills the cheery vibe.

So is "Walk Of Life" the perfect song to end any movie? It certainly seems so, though given how annoyed my fiance has gotten with me spending an evening watching the videos and playing "Walk Of Life" over and over (and whistling the tune), it might also be the perfect song to end a relationship!

That said, I recommend amusing yourself by checking out The Walk Of Life Project's website. Just, y'know, don't over do it. You'll be whistling that riff all day.


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