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This is my first post officially on How are ya? I'm Jonathan. Maybe we've met. We probably haven't. So I'm going to share with you an AWESOME theory about the Weasleys, more specifically, the Weasley twins.

I don't think it's a mere coincidence that all of the Weasleys are named after British royalty (except Ron). There was King Arthur, Ginerva (form of Guinevere), George, and Percival.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, George gets his ear severed off his head in the Battle of the Seven Potters.

"I'm holey."
"I'm holey."

So, when George had his ear severed, it was foreshadowing Fred's death. This is because when George lost his ear, he became deaf in that ear. King George III of the United Kingdom was also deaf in one ear. King George III became king because his father, Frederick, Prince of Wales died.

All the Weasley names except for Ron are either the names of a British king or queen or an Arthurian name (and Ron brings Harry into the family, and there have been eight Harrys on the throne; nine if you are a die-hard Jacobite). King George III was deaf in one ear — and he became king because of the untimely death of Prince Frederick.

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