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Jamil Wright

There have been many theories about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and none of them have been like this one. Could Superman end up driving the Bat-Mobile? I think so! Here's why.

So, in the third trailer for BvS, there is a lot happening. Batman throwing people, Superman jumping into bathtubs, and we even see Wonder Woman jump across the screen will little to no effort. But, there is something HUGE that no one has seemed to notice. Take a look.

What does this look like to you guys? To me it looks like a red boot pushing down on the gas inside the bat-mobile and I only know one hero in this movie that wears red. Could this be Superman driving? As some of my friends pointed out, this could very well be Batman under a red light. But what if it isn't? How cool would it be to see Superman drive the Bat-Mobile! Why would he though? He can fly! Yes that's true but, keep in mind there is kryptonite in this movie. We know Batman uses some and we know that Lex Luthor uses some. Could this be after the fight between Batman and Superman? Could Lex have somehow used his kryptonite on Superman, weakening him and taking away his ability to fly temporarily?

What do you think?


Is Superman driving the Bat-Mobile?


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