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Oh you are good to us Mr. Hamill. The man behind The Joker himself has just shared the first exciting image of this year's Batman: The Killing Joke on his Twitter account. This means we are one step closer to the hotly anticipated comic adaptation.

Based on the 1988 Alan Moore graphic novel, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill will once again voice Batman and The Joker respectively. The storyline is hailed as one of The Dark Knight's greatest and the 'definitive' Joker story, even inspiring Tim Burton's 1989 take on the character. The tale follows The Joker as he attempts to drive Jim Gordon insane and has some serious ramifications for the entire series (someone pass a wheelchair please).

In more of a Riddler style, Hamill tweeted the same image three times, each with a different quote from the graphic novel. The first word of each tweet eventually spells out THE-KILLING-JOKE. Whilst not giving much away in the images, it appears that Batman is non too happy with The Clown Prince - prompting Joker's usual evil grin.

Conroy and Hamill will be joined by Batman: The Animated Series co-star Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon and Ray Wise as Jim Gordon. Scheduled for a summer 2016 release, Batman: The Killing joke will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con and we can't wait - it is sure to be a laugh!


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