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I know I'm going to get a lot of heat for this post but I think Marvel needs to make a push for more diversity in there films. I know there making a Black Panther but that shouldn't stop them from making more.Marvel has touched on many different aspects of the modern day world in there Netflix shows and I think its about time they decided to do something controversial that could be in there best interest as far as doing something new.

Kamala Khan should be the leading lady in the "Captain Marvel" film which is slated to be released in 2019. I'm not saying Carol Danvers shouldn't be in the film as Captain Marvel but wouldn't it be interesting to see a normal everyday woman became a super hero rather than watch another movie about a Caucasian military hero. The movie should start off with Kamala khan idolizing super heros and what they stand for.Kamala Khan should be written to be in her 20s or 30s instead of 16 year old since we are already getting a coming off age story in Spiderman. Kamala Khan should be a female comic book writer sort of reminiscent to the female comic book writers over at Marvel that brought her to life. Kamala should idolizes super heros and her favorite should be Captain Marvel. I would rather leave the rest to the screen writers over at Marvel but I would like Kamala to get the terrigen mist and then get trained by her idol Captain Marvel.

When the Ms.Marvel series began in February 2014 everybody fell in love with the American Muslim super - hero and it gave Marvel a spark with a religion that kept getting no love and a gender that was often used a sex symbol or as a damsel in distress.

The video below is one of the creators of Ms.Marvel talking about the character.

I would also note that a film with Kamala Khan be about why you should be Muslim but it should show the hate and racism towards that religion and how scary it is to believe in something and that should be the selling point of the film not about believing in religion but about believing about in yourself no matter what people say about your race , religion , gender , sexual orientation I feel like a film with a female Muslim American could break boundaries.

The next video shows just what I mean.

Now I don't want Kamala Khan to be a unstoppable female character I do want her to be vulnerable and I would her to face adversity and learn how to overcome it. Watch the video below with the director of Chronicle Max Landis and Sam Rockwell ( Justin Hammer ) about why we need relate able and vulnerable heros.

If you made it this far into the article and you are interested enough to know who I would cast as Kamala Khan it would the Quantico lead actress Privanka Chopra who funny enough voices the character Kamala Khan in the Marvel mobile game " Avengers Academy".

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka will be 36 years of age by the time the film rolls around but I don't want another coming of age story like I said before.Priyanka is beautiful , shes a philanthropist , brilliant actress , shes hilarious in real life just watch this interview on Kimmel and you'll understand.

Privanka is probably too old for you fanboys/fangirls but in my opinion its nothing a little movie magic can't fix.Carol Danvers should be played by somebody a little older since she has to be the strict drill sergeant mentor , I would want the relationship to something among the lines of like Hercules and Phil in the Disney film Hercules since the film is cosigned by Disney.

I really hope if you made this far you enjoyed my post and I hope you guys are excited about Captain Marvel as much as I am and too be honest whether its Carol or Kamala it will be refreshing to see a Marvel women take center stage on the big screen.


Who should be the leading lady in the Captain Marvel film in 2019 ?


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