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Kellan Lutz is a big action movie personality. He's always into playing action parts in big action movies but he didn't get into many of the big action movies, only some. Most people know him as Emmett Cullen from the Twilight films because that's probably the first time anyone's actually noticed him in film. He did a great job in the whole franchise of those films and was doing heaps of action to please fans. He can be a goofball when he's off set and mucking around with cast but whilst acting he does a really great job and takes his job seriously. Here is just some of the big blood lust-worthy films that were action-packed that Kellan Lutz has starred in over the years

Of course one of Kellan Lutz's first major roles was in Twilight and he had heaps of action stunts to play as a blood yearning vampire. He did a good job at trying to keep his cool too when there were humans around and he was with his vampire family. The smell of blood would of just nearly killed his character let alone a smell of a human he could kill. His stunts ranged from heavy lifting to trying to act cool with cast and fighting as a vampire.

Vampire hang
Vampire hang
Heavy lifting scene
Heavy lifting scene

He did loads of work with the whole franchise of this movie and continues to work on big action flicks.

He also played a Legend in a movie but not just any legend. This legend was Hercules. He acted as a fantasy character with a lot of guts in doing it also. He would of fought warriors in this film and kept the Hercules spirit alive by giving back to his people after the cold war. There would of been plenty of fight scenes in this film for Kellan to get his hands around which is what he's good at. He would of made a great Hercules.

Last but not least he played Tarzan. Not the one you're seeing right here. You wish. But he voiced a Tarzan in the 2013 film rebooted Tarzan. It was one of his less flexing of the muscles vs blood-worthy roles. He didn't do too much fighting in this film but I'm sure the character he voiced Tarzan would of felt it when he had to save the lovely Jane from different obstacles. Everyone was in for watching a movie with Kellan Lutz voicing it, yet when it came to come out the hype slowed down. Not many people went to see this one. I suppose that means that Kellan Lutz is much preferred in his action flick real life roles then his animated voiced roles.

Thanks for reading and I'm sure we can all agree. Kellan Lutz is a great action movie star with a hot body to go with it. Lucky for him!


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