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There has been much discussion going around for the DC Animated Movie Universe's newest entry: 'Batman: The Killing Joke'. This film has been on-and-off development for many years until one of the makers stated WB had given them the green light to make it R-rated.

There were also rumors of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill coming back to voice the iconic characters but other than concept art from years past, we didn't have anything else that could materialize this film... until today.

Mark Hamill has tweeted the first official picture from the film 'Batman: The Killing Joke' alongside quotes. Check it out below:

And not just that, we also have the official cast that will sure put a smile on your face: Kevin Conroy as Batman, Mark Hamill as The Joker, Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon and Ray Wise as Commissioner Gordon.

'Batman: The Killing Joke' will premiere at this year(2016)'s San Diego Comic-Con and will be released in stores in the summer of 2016.

Are you pumped for this announcement? Do you think they'll make it R-rated? Do you want them to?



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