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With all the recent hype surrounding Batman v Superman, [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), and all the other upcoming blockbusters, we have tended to forget about Star Wars. Specifically that Episode 8 is shooting right now and there has been many leaked pictures from the set. Most of the pictures so far have contained a hallway on a planet which looks like Tatooine and a landspeeder blowing up. All of these pictures have been pretty bland and there has been nothing noteworthy to take from them until these recent leaked pictures on Twitter. Take a look:

Who is The Mysterious Alien?

There are two different aliens we see in the leaked pictures seen above. The second picture we see seems to be a general of the First Order. That is not what really caught my eye. It is the alien in the first picture with a bulbous head, jet black eyes, and pasty grey skin. It almost looks very similar to an alien we had previously been introduced to in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Is the Alien in the Leaked Pictures an Unfinished Supreme Leader Snoke?

Obviously the alien seen in the leaked picture doesn't look exactly like Snoke but shares a lot of similarities. The pasty white skin, jet black eyes, and the bulbous head are all similar traits between Snoke and the mysterious alien. Perhaps with the CGI, the mysterious alien would actually look like Snoke. If this is Snoke, it proves the theory that Snoke is a regular size being.

A big problem with Snoke being the mysterious alien the leaked image is that when Andy Serkis plays him, he looks like he does in the picture above. Maybe he only looks like that in certain scenes, but it pretty much knocks out the choice of the mysterious alien being Snoke. If it's not Snoke, it could possibly be a bounty hunter or some other new character we are not familiar with. If Snoke is not the mysterious alien, perhaps he could be the prequel trilogy character (here's my Snoke theory.)

Another interesting theory that has been popular amongst the Moviepilot staff is that all the leaked pictures we have seen has been for Han Solo's funeral. This explains why the second, darker alien looks like a priest. What planet is this on? I think it may be on Han Solo's home planet and we will get a glimpse on what we are going to see with the Han Solo anthology film the following year. Again, the white alien could be a bounty hunter sent to infiltrate the funeral.

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Who is the mysterious alien?

What do YOU guys take from the leaked pictures? Tell me below!


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