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My Fandom Includes Of Harry Potter, MARVEL/DC, Star Wars, and Doctor Who

Harry Potter is the movie series of a lifetime, but will these next two theories make you think different about him.

Harry Potter is related to the Black's, Malfoy's, and pretty much every wizard.

This has been proven by Sirius Black himself.

In Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (book), Sirius talks to Harry about the Black family tree. Black mentions that every pure-blood wizard is related somehow. This proves that Sirius is not just Harry's Godfather, but a family relative... also means that Harry is married to a family relative.

Next theory is that it's not the Dursley's fault that they hate Harry.

In Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1, Ron had had the Horcrux on for only a little amount of time, but he still got into an argument with Harry.

So, when the Dursley's took in Harry and treated him poorly (mind you, 10 whole years), that's because Harry was a Horcrux, so it's actually not the Dursley's fault that they hate Harry, it's actually Voldemort's (but what's not voldemort's fault, so we should have seen this coming)


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