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Oh so many Spoilers for 10 Cloverfield Lane. If you haven't seen this masterpiece, i will wait. Here is the trailer

When I saw Cloverfield in 2008, it scared the shit out of me, but i loved it (If you've never seen the '08 movie then why are you even here, but here is the whole thing really fast anyway)

After a few days i started to think, what the fuck was that thing that attacked Manhattan? Are there more elsewhere? Are there more coming? It was awesome.

That was the unique, beauty of JJ Abrams' found footage film: we (the audience) do not see the whole story, just what is recorded through TJ Millers camera. This amazing feature enabled Abrams and Bad Robot Productions to be able to build the "Clover-verse" in any direction they wanted to. And the direction they chose is fascinating.

The Controversy

It bothers some people are that 10 Cloverfield Lane was not originally written as a part of the Clover-verse. The script, written by Josh Campbell &Matthew Stuecken, was originally titled The Cellar and was basically the same as the final product, but in the climax, the protagonist would find a decimated Chicago in nuclear fallout. The alien invasion was added into the script after its acquisition by Bad Robot (a common practice in Hollywood). Some film critics and fans feel that the ending, linking 10 Cloverfield Lane to Cloverfield felt shoehorned in, and did not fit the tone of the preceding portion of the film. (Here is where i got that info

I disagree: Coming out of the IMAX theater in my town opening night, I was blown away. It worked perfectly as a "blood relative" of the original.

Here is Why:

I believe that 10 Cloverfield Lane present's an amazing idea and opportunity for the film industry and their never-ending quest to create as many interconnected universes as possible. Bad Robot has begun to create a universe where every movie does not have to be a direst sequel, but a spin-off with a different tone, different characters, and within an entirely different genre.

We got a shaky-cam disaster movie first, then a suspense-thriller. Whats next? that is what excited me most about this movie was possibilities: what could be coming next? Could it be a war movie? Maybe a fun disaster movie reminiscent of Independence Day? Maybe a political drama of the inter-workings of the new world order after this attack? The possibilities are endless.

What I Loved

To me, the biggest difference between Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane was the characters. In Cloverfield, none of the characters are particularly memorable, and are all dead by the end of the movie. That movie was more reliant about the disaster itself, framed through a civilian's camcorder. 10 Cloverfield Lane is the complete opposite, the characters are vital to the story; being a suspense thriller, most of the suspense is a result of character tensions. The movie would not work without the captivatingly scary Jon Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead's strong, precocious, and smart Michelle .

Hmmm, a Strong female lead surviving a brutal and unforgiving event, involving aliens, all on her own. A protagonist who you cant help but root for. What red headed movie icon does she remind you of?

O ya...Fuckin Ellen Ripley

Coming out of the theater, the first movie I thought of to compare to 10 Cloverfield Lane was Ridley Scott's Alien. The tension, the strong woman, multiple movies in different genres. Just a thought.

Where I Think the "Cloververse" Will Go

To me, the next logical step is a War Movie. In my perfect world, the next Cloverfield story would follow some new characters joining the resistance against the invasion several years after Michelle decides to drive to their base at the end of the movie. We would eventually meet an older, hardened Michelle, who has joined the resistance early on and has become a badass, alien murdering soldier (sorta like Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow) because that is obviously her future. Maybe another one of these will show up:

No matter what does or does not come next in the "Cloververse," I just hope it is as different and unique as its predecessors.

Then again I'm just some dude, and I'm sure the JJ Abrams has something even more awesome planned.

What do you think?


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