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AMC will air episode 14, season 6 of their hit show, The Walking Dead, on Sunday, March 20 at 9/8c. The episode will be titled "Twice As Far"

After last episode, focusing on mainly Carol and Maggie, this episode should return with the whole cast. If the show continues on its path in the comics, this episode should cover around issue 98 of the comics, which features the death of a major character, so lets get into the predictions!

This episode will show two groups going on a run outside of Alexandria.

The official synopsis for this episode is "Two separate groups leave Alexandria for supplies, and while both worry over the future of the community, they will face immediate danger." There has been much speculation over the two groups will be, most people thinking the groups will be Heath and Tara, because Denise mentioned in 610 that they would be going on a two week run, with the other group being Abraham and Eugene. Looking back at the promo though, it seems as if the two groups will be Abraham and Eugene, and also Daryl and Rosita.

Daryl and Rosita find a survivor!?

While I was reviewing the promo, I noticed in one shot near the end, someone who appeared to be Daryl had a large orange bag on his back, but in all the other shots of Daryl, he has no bag with him, leading me to believe they either steal it from someone or someone will steal it from them (maybe Dwight?)

Abraham and Eugene find a (possibly) abandoned building.

In the promo, we see Abraham and Eugene open the door to what appears to be a warehouse. Abraham has a machine gun, whereas Eugene appears to be unarmed. We see Eugene struggle with a walking, leading me to believe the building has not been looted by anyone else.

Will Dwight and his group return?

If you do not remember, Dwight was the blonde man, played by Austin Amelio, who, along with his group, kidnapped Daryl in episode 606, titled "Always Accountable". In the beginning of the promo, Carol mentions Dwight and his group to Daryl, which, on top of the fact that Daryl and Rosita will find someone, leads me to believe that we will finally see the return of Dwight.

Dwight, played by Austin Amelio
Dwight, played by Austin Amelio

The jail cell in Alexandria will be finished

At the end of 612, "Not Tomorrow Yet", we see that Morgan was working on making something. In an interview, Robert Kirkman revealed that Morgan was in fact building a jail cell. In the end of the promo, we see Rick stand outside of the cell. This cell, if the show goes the same route as the comics, will eventually be home to Negan.

Death of a major character?

(This paragraph contains spoilers for the comic books and possible major spoilers for the TV show... you've been warned)

Considering that in the shows timeline, we are around issue 98, we should see the death of a major character. In issue 98 of the comics, while on a run with Eugene, Abraham gets shot in the eye with an arrow by Dwight. This would fit perfectly considering Dwight should be making his return in 614 or 615, and also the fact that Dwight still has Daryl's crossbow. Also, I've noticed that Abraham has had alot of screen time lately, and when a character gets alot of screen time, it usually means they will be next to go.

One big surprise in this episode:

Spoiler Alert! We may not have seen the end of Eugene in The Walking Dead, but we have seen the end of the mullet! You can see the debut of Eugene's new hair in the promo below!

Be sure to tune in to AMC at 9/8c on Sunday, March 20, to watch episode 14, "Twice As Far"


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