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Star Wars: The Force Awakens gave us a heap of young, up and coming actors that we will be wanting for every role ever in the near future. Daisy Ridley, who played Rey, was at the forefront of this film. Well now that she's had some time to settle into her role in cinema history, we are beginning to hear her name surface in some pretty big competitions for roles. The first of these roles is the great Lara Croft. This Lara Croft...

In all her 1080p glory.  Probably.
In all her 1080p glory. Probably.

Based on what we know about the film, it is supposed to be at least loosely based on the recent reboot game that was met with rave reviews. I, myself, recently played this game on my PS4 and was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was. Also the characters in the game are very diverse as well as entertaining and likable. Here's a look at the most recent incarnation of Ms. Croft....

She has a great personality.
She has a great personality.

If there is one issue I have with the game, it's the fact that Croft's tank top somehow survives everything that she goes through in the game (if you've played the game, you know what I'm talking about). Also, the fact that her name is pronounced Lah-rah, and not Lor-uh. It really bugs me. Though I guess you could say it's always been pronounced that way, but this is already a thing I enjoy being annoyed about. I'm too far gone, people. Anyways, this is a stellar game, and has the makings of an incredible movie starring a female lead which is lacking in Hollywood.

Now with all that being said, Daisy Ridley needs to let this role pass on by. I truly believe that taking this role could be an incredible mistake for her very young career. She has already played an empowering female role in her performance as Rey. Now as you listen to me rant about this, keep in mind that I have no experience in Hollywood, and this will probably not be seen by anyone who has a say in any of this, especially the lovely Daisy Ridley. This is just an opinion I have that I believe is in the best interest of my new favorite actress. But here is why she shouldn't take this role. Daisy Ridley is known for one role: Rey. For her to take on another iconic female hero role could begin a slippery slope of being typecast in films. After taking on and doing great in two heroic roles, filmmakers are going to want to go to her for those roles, because she is the safe choice. Everybody knows she can do it.

My suggestion, and what I think what would be best, would be for her to diversify her acting portfolio right off the bat with her next role. Let Hollywood know that you're not a one trick pony. Your fans know you can do it! You just need the chance. A great example of an actor who has walked the right path so far with roles is Taron Edgerton. He was a breakout star in Kingsman, and then starred in Eddie the Eagle which couldn't have been farther from that bonafide action role. With as much potential as she has, it would be a tragedy to fall into being typecast and never be able to rise out of it. Let this one go Daisy! There will be many more to come!

So what do you guys think? Do you think she should stay away from the role? Or should she take it? Am I crazy or am I right? Or both? Let me know in the comments below!


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