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The official trailer for the first Fallout 4 DLC, titled Automatron, has finally been released! As a Fallout fan, I am extremely excited to play it soon, and many other fans across the world are too. Take a look, and bask in the glory of shiny robots and Sentry Bots loaded on steroids.

Automatron takes place within The Commonwealth, and it is your job to track down and stop the Mechanist from releasing his horde of evil robots upon the good people of the wasteland! But what else did we learn from this trailer?

The Mechanist, a character who first appeared in Fallout 3 almost 8 years ago (and canonically lives), is returning to wreak havoc on those who do not side with him and his super-advanced robotic army. You must combat him and foil his plan for domination by using your own clan of customizable, metallic super-soldiers! You have the greatest arsenal at your disposal, young Wastelander. Bring back whatever peace the wasteland had, in the name of justice!

Vault Dwellers and Wastelanders alike have been looking forward to this DLC ever since its existence was revealed by Bethesda months ago. We are eager to build our robot companions and assemble our army as well. There will be a vast array of metallic warmongers to choose from, such as the famous (or infamous) Robobrains, Sentry Bots, and many others! Choose their color scheme, modify their voices, add rockets to them, control their actions, and lead them into battle- it will be a fun ride! The quest line seems to be quite interesting as well, as it will bring back that futuristic vibe that we felt while playing Old World Blues for Fallout: New Vegas.

Automation will be available for purchase starting March 22nd, and the next Fallout 4 DLC, Far Harbor, comes out sometime in May (no specific release date has been revealed yet).

Let this first DLC be one of many that has a lasting impression on us! And to that I say...

War, War Never Changes.......

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