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Hi,I'm Jireh Horrach. I'm 14 years old,turning 15 in August. I'm Christian,I love to sing & dance for the Lord,and it's something that I love to share with everybody. I make youtube videos,and have two channel's where I upload. One of them is called: ''Jireh Horrach'' & my new one ''Jirehs Kitchen''. Jireh's Kitchen is my youtube cooking show,where I do recipes,desserts,and I just started Season 3 of Jireh's Kitchen. To see my previous seasons & episodes,go to my JirehHorrach youtube channel,but to watch my new episodes go to my JirehsKitchen youtube channel. I also have my Jireh Horrach Blog Series where I give advice,and do research on tv shows,movies,etc. On my blog series I also give my opinions and accurate facts of whatever I'm talking about. I promise you,it's totally fun..!! I also have a segment on my channel called: Cooking through the ages with Jireh! Where I choose a year and make a recipe inspired by that year,or choose a movie or tv show,and make an inspired recipe about it. I make many inspired recipes. Currently I just did a blog series about Boba Fett,Deadpool,Spiderman..!! And did red velvet cupcakes w/cream cheese frosting inspired by: My top 10 favorite superheroes,and my brand new transformers blog series episode,and rice krispy inspired recipes. I will post links below. I definately recommend you to watch my videos,share them,invite others to watch,and go on this journey with me. Thank You for reading,and make sure to watch my videos! ;)

My Season 3 Premiere of Jireh's Kitchen! Nacho Bites inspired by High School Musical:

Boba Fett,Deadpool,Spiderman Blog Series,Similarities,Diferences,Origins:

My Top 10 Favorite Superheroes & Superhero Inspired Red Velvet Cupcakes:

Transformers Video & Rice Krispy Treats:

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