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**WARNING: Possible 'The Walking Dead' comic and TV show spoilers/speculation lie ahead**

Not many shows can get you as wrapped up in a preview as The Walking Dead. But they sure as hell did this time with next week's episode “Twice as Far.”

I'll break it down into the top six “holy shit!” moments for you that will surely leave you saying "holy shit!" or at least thinking “holy shit!”

(Sorry, I think I just like typing “holy shit!”)

1. Everybody run, the Father's got a gun!

From the looks of thing, Gabriel's really starting to turn into one heaven of a badass. It's looking more and more like comic book Gabriel is here to stay.

2. It's looking like Abe's time is up

I was beginning to think only Tara and Heath were out on a run, but turns out Abraham and Eugene (mullet-less at that! More on that next) are out and about, too. And, if you're familiar with the comics, that equals this:

Abraham is shot in the face in Issue #98
Abraham is shot in the face in Issue #98

Son of a dingleberry.

3. No more party in the back for Eugene

A mullet-less Eugene in Episode 14 promo.
A mullet-less Eugene in Episode 14 promo.

NO MORE MULLET?! That can mean one thing: He's most likely trying to impress a newly single Rosita. Which is further proof that something bad is about to happen to Abe (see above).

4. Morgan's project is done

Rick seems to like the idea that it might hold a certain psycho someday soon.

Negan sitting in the Alexandria jail cell in Issue #127
Negan sitting in the Alexandria jail cell in Issue #127

And that means that Negan is one step closer to being here in all his magnificent fucked up glory. We all know it's happening, but that pit in your stomach just keeps getting bigger every time another hint is dropped.

5. Shoulda killed 'em

This is one more piece of evidence that suggest Abraham is in some big trouble. After Dwight stole Daryl's bike, he apparently lost it again (maybe after an iron to the face?), and now Daryl has it back. But where's his crossbow? He has the bag of stuff and the bike, but no crossbow means someone might be getting an arrow to the knee — I mean eye.

Dammit man!

6. And pretty much this entire clip is one big “holy shit!” moment:

Here's the complete preview for next week's episode!

What do you think is going to happen next week on 'The Walking Dead'?


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