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This is the year we, the audience, must pick sides. Whether it be Batman or Superman or Captain America or Iron Man. As the viewers of these spectacular battles we may, automatically, take a side according to who our favourite heroes are. But then, what do we really know about these superhumans?

And so without further adieu, I present to you the first team in the lineup, Team Iron Man, from the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie. Below is all you need to know about this, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and his superpowered cohorts.

Iron Man

  • Name: Iron Man
  • Secret identity: Tony Stark
  • Powers: Super suit accompanied with almost genius level IQ. (and an ego to match)
  • Super facts: The leader of this little group of superpowered miscreants we've seen him grow from being a spoilt millionaire kid to becoming one of Earth's mightiest warriors. However we have, over the last few years, seen both Iron Man and Captain America butt heads more times then we'd care to admit. It is because these two that we are forced to choose a side, after all. Is intelligence and a super-suite enough to win this fight?

Black Panther

  • Name: Black Panther
  • Secret Identity: T'Challa
  • Powers: Super enhanced senses and physical attributes.
  • Super facts: The newest member to the cinematic world, very little is yet known why T'Challa finally takes on the mantle of Black Panther and why, he specifically joins Iron Man's team. Although his cinematic story is, as yet, shrouded in mystery, from the few scenes revealed via the trailers we know one thing- he is a formidable foe and ally to have.

Black Widow

  • Name: Black Widow
  • Secret Identity: Natasha Romanova
  • Powers: Trained assassin.
  • Super facts: Although, as far as we know, Black Widow has not been enhanced in any way but her time in the Red Room has earned her the title of one of the greatest assassins ever created. Having been introduced to S.H.I.E.L.D by Hawkeye, it may be interesting to see how these two old friends will deal with being on opposite sides and why such a thing happened in the first place.


  • Name: Vision
  • Secret Identity: Vision
  • Powers: Density control (more impressive then it sounds) and thermal beams.
  • Super facts: One of the newest additions to the Avengers, Vision may be considered as one of Tony Stark's greatest creations. Having been created to correct the mistake that was Ultron, his true powers and strength are still quite a mystery.

War Machine

  • Name: War Machine
  • Secret Identity: Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes
  • Powers: Super-powered exo-suite.
  • Super facts: Rhodey is the closest thing Tony Stark may have to a best friend. Having had his back from the very first Iron Man film, we've seen Rhodey get the great Iron Man out of quite some tight spots. So, it isn't surprising to find him on his team. However, did he have to pay a price for the side he picked? The trailers are quite ominous.


  • Name: Spider-Man
  • Secret Identity: Peter Parker
  • Powers: Superhuman strength and agility.
  • Super facts: Like Black Panther, Spider-Man can be considered a newbie to the MCU. Although having a number of other series dedicated to this hero alone, it's about time we see him join the Avengers' Initiative. However, how Peter Parker and Tony Stark meet in the film is as much of a mystery as how his sudden appearance may effect the tides of this battle.

In a civil war there are no true villains just brothers fighting brothers. In this case, these brothers just happen to have superpowers. Although, against all odds, they set their differences aside and rose, united, to save the world will they fall divided as enemies?

So, whose side are you on?

Choose wisely.


Whose side are you on?


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