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Remember the one where Phoebe meets her estranged half-brother, Frank Buffay Jr.? It happens in Season 2, Episode 21, "The One With The Bullies." She drives upstate to what she thinks is her dad's house, but when she asks for Frank, the guy who comes to the door turns out to be her half-brother Frank Jr., played by Giovanni Ribisi.

Here he is again:

But is this really the first time we've met Frank Jr.? Check out this next clip from earlier in Season 2, Episode 6, "The One With The Baby On The Bus":

It's Giovanni Ribisi! His brief appearance is so awkward and funny, it seems like it could be Frank Jr. for the first time, meeting his half-sister without knowing it.

He runs on, all crazy and disheveled, searching frantically for that condom he dropped.

Phoebe gives it to him right away, and he runs off shouting, "Hey Christine! I got it!"

How crazy is it that Ribisi would just happen to appear onscreen with the one Friend who would play his sister later that same season?

So, is this a clandestine meeting between long-lost siblings?

Well, probably not. Ribisi is an unnamed extra in the credits of "The One With The Baby On The Bus," — IMDb would later refer to him as 'Condom Boy' — rather than Frank or Frank Buffay Jr. What's more likely is that he made such an impression on the show's producers with his funny style and comedic timing as an extra that he earned the role from that very scene.

Frank Jr. ends up becoming a hilarious recurring character in eight more episodes — from Season 3, Episode 5, "The One With Frank Jr." where he mistakenly thinks Phoebe and her co-workers are prostitutes, all the way up to Season 10, Episode 2, "The One Where Ross Is Fine," where he's a tired young dad, toying with the idea of giving one of his triplets to Phoebe.

Of course, nothing says classic Frank Jr. like this moment right here:

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