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Batman v Superman is one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. And it looks like it is going to live upto its hype and expectations. Latest sources are reporting that the advance ticket sales for Warner Bro's Batman v Superman is pacing ahead of Deadpool (opening weekend $132.4 million), Furious 7 ($147.1 million) and Avengers ($207.4 million) two weeks prior to their stateside releases.

One analyst has the figure between $22-28 million while some has it $20-25 million. Well, my personal opinion is it will cross $25 million in advance tickets easily which isn't far from where The Dark Knight Rises advance tickets were before it debuted to $160.9 million.

So, an opening weekend above $165 million is definitely on the cards which will make it the biggest April debut ever and also the biggest pre summer opening.

Movio, which monitors movieticket buyer trends, analyzed the profile of moviegoers who bought advanced tickets for BvS as of March 10 and compared this audience to the advanced ticket buyers for Jurassic World.

“As expected, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is anticipated by the fan male audience,” said Movio Co-Founder and Chief Executive Will Palmer. “The audience profile is 78% male, massively over indexing between age 14-49. This is your avid opening weekend audience with some 70% attending films during opening week, spending 3.2 times more than the typical US moviegoer.”
Per Movio, 99% of BvS’ advanced ticket buyers have booked sessions over opening weekend, with 57% on Thursday night (two-thirds of them for the first screening session at 6 or 7 pm) and 22% on Friday. Average age for a Thursday night audience member is 30.3 years old versus Jurassic World’s average opening night ticketbuyer of 30.6 years old. Guys per Movio are anticipated to rep 82% of the Thursday night audience, compared to Jurassic World’s 64% male on Thursday night.

Source : Deadline


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