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›The battle of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is, of course, a conflict of the most epic proportions. But the true battle lies not with our feuding on-screen superheroes, but here, in real life, outside the world of fantasy.

The true challenge for films of such magnitude is how any hype correlates to getting butts on seats, and on that front the juggernaut of DC's finest could be steamrolling its way to box office success.

Advancing Ahead Of 'Deadpool'

Advanced sales have been reported to be between $20 and $25 million, which would put the second installment of DC's Extended Universe ahead of the recent R-rated record breaker Deadpool, and perhaps more impressively, Marvel's 2012 ensemble blockbuster, The Avengers.

BvS could outperform 'Deadpool' and 'The Avengers' [Fox and Marvel]
BvS could outperform 'Deadpool' and 'The Avengers' [Fox and Marvel]

Deadpool's strong start was a sign of things to come, with the Merc with a Mouth's first solo outing grossing $328 million domestically, while The Avengers generated an colossal $623 million, including $207.4 million from its opening weekend. Industry bigwigs are projecting BvS will gross around $140 million, although taking advanced sales into consideration, this is a conservative estimate.

There's no denying the allure of the titular characters in BvS. Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy was a huge box office success, with the most recent release, The Dark Knight Rises, generating $160 million on its opening weekend. With Man Of Steel opening to $116 million, all the signs point to a stellar performance for Zack Snyder's superhero epic.

So, What Records Are Up For Grabs?

The Hunger Games and Furious 7
The Hunger Games and Furious 7
  • The current pre-summer opening record belongs to Hunger Games, which grossed $152 million.
  • The biggest Easter weekend opening currently belongs to Furious 7, which made $147 million.
  • The Avengers had the biggest opening for a comic book adaptation, making $207.4 million. BvS could reasonably look for a top five spot if it can usurp The Dark Knight, which had an opening of $158 million.
  • The Dark Knight is also DC Comics's best ever performance with a total gross of $533.3 million. Second in the list is The Dark Knight Rises ($448 million), Man Of Steel ($291 million), and Tim Burton's 1989 Batman ($251 million).

And One It's Unlikely To Beat

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a box office phenomenon, and it's unlikely many movies will rival its sheer haul anytime soon. The BvS advanced sales are dwarfed by J. J. Abrams's sci-fi saga; the film's advanced sales alone totaled $100 million, with a domestic total of $930 million and a worldwide gross of over $2 billion.

How do you think 'Batman v Superman' will measure up compared to DC's previous movies?

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