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Now, whether he's played by Michael Gough (Batman), Michael Caine (The Dark Knight), Sean Pertwee (Gotham), or Jeremy Irons (Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice), it often seems that everyone loves Alfred.

Batman, of course, is fond of him for, y'know, raising him and staying (largely) loyal throughout years of costumed capering. Robin, meanwhile, has traditionally seen him as a wise and grandfatherly figure. Heck, even The Joker has always loved — using him as a means to cause Batman pain.

And as for us fans? Well, as it turns out, hiring accomplished British character actors to play a key component in the life of one of the most beloved heroes in the world is just as good a way to keep us happy, as you'd imagine. That popularity has seldom translated into anything more than a supporting role (even in The Dark Knight series, in which Michael Caine played a larger role than Alfred typically enjoys).

From the looks of it, though...

Alfred Could Finally Be Getting A Starring Role — In His Own TV Show

Yup, that's right. According to a recent report from Bleeding Cool, the folks over at DC have recently trademarked the name "Pennyworth" for what is apparently set to be a TV series.

With Pennyworth being Alfred's actual surname (as opposed to "The Butler"), it sure does seem to suggest that we're about to see an Alfred-themed on-screen adventure of some sort.

Here are five of the leading candidates...

5. It Might Be A 'Gotham' Spinoff

Sean Pertwee's small-screen Alfred has been fairly well-received, and there's certainly an argument to be made that the show would benefit from Alfred and young master Bruce taking off for a year or so abroad, leaving the burgeoning super-crime wave to the professionals.


4. It Could Focus More On Julia Pennyworth

A.k.a. Alfred's comic book daughter, who's not had a lot of prominence on the page recently, but is also not an aging butler. In other words, think Alicia Silverstone in Batman & Robin, only without the Batgirl costume, or Alicia Silverstone, or anything to do with Batman & Robin.


3. It Could Simply Be A 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Tie-In

After all, who wouldn't want to see a Jeremy Irons-starring Web series featuring Alfred getting into all sorts of (Batman V Superman-promoting) scrapes?

Another option?

2. It Could Simply Be A 'Young Alfred'-Style Prequel Story

Network television loves a recognizable character name wedged into a procedural crime drama. Could we see Pennyworth become an Agent Carter-style period crime adventure, with a dash of Indiana Jones about it?

Or, finally...

1. It Could Simply Be Yet Another To-Be-Unrealized Trademark Application

It's worth remembering that a whole lot of studio trademark applications don't actually lead to much of anything. It's entirely possible that Pennyworth is, at this stage, simply an idea, and that the company is wisely branding it on the off chance that it actually gets through the development process.

What do you think, though?


What do you reckon will come of 'Pennyworth'?

via Bleeding Cool


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