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Ever since that moment in the Season 1 finale, Everyone has wondered, will he go back there again???? and what will happen if he changes the event's ?????

So before I go any further if you haven't seen the movie or read the comic here is the basic information [movie] :

After an encounter with the rogues and Eobard Thawne, Barry allen decides he need to go for a run. He gets to such a high speed the he rupture's the time barrier and heads through time only to discover when he gets back, much as changed due to the distortion the time travel. Superheroes aren't so super anymore and its going to take the flash's hope to bring the world back to how it was.

So that's the gist of it.

The flash has been such an awesome TV series so far and is defiantly my favorite. It's shown the flash go through time and even the multiverse!!!!!!. The show is so much fun to watch and over all great but we aren't here to talk about that.

I think if we were to see some version of the flash-point it would be in a future season. So here's how it can happen :

- Eobard thawne has already been in the show

- Time travel is capable and we have defiantly seen that happen

- Barry's mother died in the beginning and that could be why it happens cause he decided's you know what I'm going to do it.

- we have seen more heroes in the show so they could be in it as different versions of themselves

- In the end barry could go and fix the timeline to it's original state and then move forward in his life

- It would give us another perspective on the character's of the show and it universe

Now here is why it might not happen:

- Barry has already been warned to not save his mum

- after what happened with Cisco probably now the implications to changing the timeline

- They still haven't introduced it's core actors and probably never will cause of their movie's but then again who knows?

- It would be reusing the same villain and it would be if they run out of idea's they would use the same villain for the whole story.


Do you think the "flashpoint" storyline could eventually happen ???


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