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People Change. But the feelings are not.
Jay Bee

Chapter No.#3


They always said that we supposed to be inlove in our opposite sex.

Boys is only for Girls, and Girls are only for boys. But what should I do? Honestly I have crush on my Bestfriend but he is boy. Yes! he is Straight boy!! I inlove with him SECRETLY :)

Do you what to know how we start?

Hi! My name is Jobert Dela Cruz a College student from the Philippines in the Cavite State University-Main Campus BUT wait? What was i'm talking about? Yeah! It was my friend name Jake Hernandez a college student also and taking of IT (Information Technology).

He is my Childhood friends, But let me tell you this SECRET :) People's around me they all know that I'm a Straight totaly a MAN!

But in my Heart? I know that i'm a Beautiful princess that someday there's one Prince tell me that how is me important to him. Charr!!

This is our story start.

In our Childhood days? Me, jake and her sister Lorraine hernandez are friends. We play each days passed. We've been through a lots of memories that built our inocent minds so... there's a days that we have fights and saying sorry to each other.

In our Elementary days. I love do play basketball in our place so.. me and jake are always play as well, it's build up our self in sports. Sometimes he is my enemy, Sometimes he is my best buddy.

Well thats life. :)

but One day, it start to change.

Grade 6, Elementary days.

This day, His mother go to the other place and he just only left in his house, So.. I came his house to sleep over, That day is the day that i'll never to forget because...

Sleep Over Day#1

10:36 pm

We starting to sleep. Honestly it was my first time to sleep over from the other houses, So.. because it was my first time i'm scared and i'll trying to sleep but I can't so I move closer to him to lose my fear and try to sleep.

And I get sleep. While I sleeping I just woke up not because of the nightmare, it because of jake arms, He HUGS! me! Yuck!!

First that came out in my mouth, so I push him through to the left side and he just drop down from the bed.


So.. I laugh it because he drop down. That was not my intension right but when he start to stand up...

-Ouch!! Jobert! why?

-Oh.. I'm so sorry bro..

He turn on the light, But i saw the blood in his head..

-Sorry.. bro.. It because your arm trying to hug me.. I'm so sorry for that... here let me see..

I move close to him...

While we close to each other.. there's something that I feel in that moment..

I don't know what is it? But.. My heart beat faster than before, I never felt it like before...

his eyes looking at me.. while i'm freeze and looking at him... We so much CLOSE! and what should i do?

No!! So i push him..

-Let's back to sleep bro.. I'm sorry for that..

I started to lay down and sleep. But I can't sleep in that moment..

He turned off the light.

He start to sleep but I'm not seeing him that he doing that.. after mins passed as by.

I Turned around and I face him, and it's start to happening again... My heart beat fast.. and I don't know why? Then I turned around again but he start to move, I started to freeze, I don't know why? his arms again trying to hug me, I'm STOCK on his arms. his embraced so tightly and the heat of his body, tells that...

No!! Jobert? your not GAY!! your not a bisexual..

But while i'm thinkng that I'm stock on him.

He start to move again...

Then I close my eyes..

and when I open it.. It's 8'oclock in the morning, I woke up, and I don't believe that I unexpectedly sleep on his arms.. No!!

But first were is he?

I'm just the one who left here in the bed.

When I started to stand up and out of the room.. I saw her little Sister, she is Lorraine..

-Hi.. Lorraine? where is your brother jake?

-In the outside, Playing basketball..

-Thank you, Lorraine..

I started to came out from the house and look for jake, I saw him in the court playing basketball exactly what lorraine said.

-Ow! Jobert you woke up! come play with me...

He throw the ball to me, I remember the last night, but he is my friend? and it feels like i'm happy with him all the time so? Theres no problem to me.

And we play basketball..

I enjoyed it. he is also enjoyed it. I eat breakfast with him.

Starting that day. It since be like new for me.

Each days passed, I'm happy with him all the time when we close to each other.

Sleep Over #2

He want to sleep in our house, It's ok for me because were friends.

When we start to sleep, I can't sleep, because I've been waiting his arms hug me again? Confusing right? But I don't know why? I'm just wondering that i can't sleep without his hug?

What's happening to me... I need to sleep! Right jobert? So i close my eyes and i've been shock when he hugs me again. I'm stock as always but i'm comfortable with his hug.

Days and months passed as by.

It always happend, I'm with him, when we eats, days and nights, playing with him all day and Sleep over with him.

I know that's called a process but? I don't understand if i shall says that I'm inlove? No! jobert.

First Stage of being denieal.

I want him because his eyes so cute.. No! I want him because he is my friend a buddy my bestfriend and nothing gonna change that! Were friends, He straigth guy and me too.

I don't want to be a bisexual for him!

-knock! knock! jobert? are you there?

Oh my gosh? he is here? what should i do? I run out to the mirror, I brush my hair and I change my cloth then, I clean my bedroom.


When I almost done. I'm now start to down in stairs and open the door.

When I open the door I saw him wearing a t-shirt have a qouet that tells 'I love you! Do you love me too?' So I read it.

-I love you? do you love me too?


jake answered it.

I've been shock and huh?


-Yes! jobert, you open the door that i've been waiting for almost 15 mins. Can i come?

-Ahh.. ok.. of course come

Since that moment. I always watching him while he speaks, and take note with smile. I know that I'm crazy..

But? 'I don't know boy, I think, I maybe fallin for you droped so quickly.

I don't know what to do?

now i'm start dreaming...

-Hey! jobert are you ok?

-Ow! me yes!! absolutely why?

That moment i need to focus i turning out to be crazy! hahaha.

Days and months passed as by.

Now were SeniorHigh.

But this is the start to change.

He just met this girl name Mitzi Balunsay yes! she's beautiful and gorgeous.

This girl is a model and famous in our school. I think jake likes her.

He always talks about it. That girl is always our topic I was wondering that what would be happen if i gonna kill that girl? hahaha. charr!

Yes! because if jake is straight guy there are a possibilities that he a have chance to inlove from that girl.

So? how about me? I start to assume but i already know that theres no 'forever' in bisexual world. I already understand that we kind of people that we don't have a called 'FOREVER' so i'm happy for being friend of jake Hernandez.

But one time? He start to tell me this things...



-Do I have any chance to mitzi?

-for me? honestly you don't have. Because how about me? jake? I had a feeling for you, I like you, even if people says that we are not match, I love you even if the world don't like it. I love you more than in my life, And if i have any chance in you, Please take me.. and accept me.. Jake Hernandez? I love you!

But of course i'm not going to say that to him! No!! no! no!

This is the real i said it to him.



-Do i have any chance to mitzi?

-Yes, honestly your smart, intelligent and handsome, You have a good personalities that all girl are looking for, try it don't be scared. :)

For me it's hurt. But thats the true, I need to move on and first I need him to let go. I know that it sounds like were lovers but I proudly to say that He is my bestfriend I always here to guied, help and stand like a brother to him.

Jake Hernandez Start to give a love letter to Mitzi Balunsay.

And what will be happen? is there any of chance love him back?

What happen in there College Life?

To be continue.

Thank you for reading.

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