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1. You'll fight with your very attractive kind-of-friend kind-of-enemy over literally anything until you realize you're perfect for each other.

2. You'll be considered manically depressed if you're a career focused woman and the only cure will be a dose of the D.

3. You'll find everything in life falls together once you've had a make-over.

4. You'll end up falling for someone with a hidden agenda - probably a bet or an assignment or something - and break up with them. And then make up a day later.

5. You'll move somewhere new and instantly find the love of your life.

6. You'll do karaoke and you'll suck, like really suck, but will somehow attract your prince regardless.

7. You'll be able to work a notoriously underpaid job yet still be able to live somewhere super cool and hip.

8. You'll always argue in a really romantic way. Usually in the rain.

9. You'll fall in love with the help.

10. Or your stalker.

What's your favorite rom-com cliché?

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