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In our eyes, celebrities appear pretty damn perfect. We love drooling over Instagram pics of them showing off toned bodies or casually taking the vacation of our dreams on a private beach. So why is it that some of them still don't seem to be content with how much enviousness they generate?

Even the most gorgeous models and singers can't seem to resist a little photoshop tweak to make their waistline's slimmer and their stomach's flatter. But the Internet's got a sharp eye and such alterations rarely go unnoticed... especially when there's little effort to conceal that the photo has been messed with.

Here are 7 celebrities that have made us go "really?":

1. Miranda Kerr

Something's clearly going on between the Australian model's right arm and body, from the strange curve of her waist to the slightly distorted "A" on the panel behind her.

Maybe she wasn't feeling so confident about that dress, because this picture from the same night shows a carpet that looks way too curvy, presumably to slim down her waist and legs. Don't photoshop pictures with patterned backgrounds, everyone!

2. Kim Kardashian

Considering her presence on Instagram and her taste for showing off her great body, it would have been surprising not to find Kim Kardashian on this list. In this post-workout photo, her tummy seems to have gotten the flat treatment, judging from the weirdly wavy shape of the door frame behind her.

3. Beyoncé

The 'Pretty Hurts' singer may have pointed out that "perfection is the disease of a nation," but she must include herself in this statement as well. On this dreamy vacation pic, her wine glass and her phone are so obviously distorted, she evidently requested her right leg be edited.

This one takes the cake, though. The gap between her legs makes such unnatural waves that it's quite shocking to see the picture is still on the singer's Instagram. Maybe she never saw it?

4. Britney Spears

Could it be spray tan? Could it be Photoshop? Whatever these lines are made of, it's clear that they're not the pop singer's abs.

It's a shame when you know how candid Britbrit usually is on her Instagram, gracing us with unabashed comments such as "BIG MISTAKE. HUGE MISTAKE... Ate all the peach cobbler today" and close-ups of her post-rehearsal bruises.

5. Lindsay Lohan

The curvy door frame strikes again! Someone on the editing team needs new glasses.

6. Mariah Carey

The R&B diva, who recently announced she would star on her own reality TV show, once posted a picture to her Instagram containing several photoshopping mishaps: her right arm gives way to a weirdly shaped gap next to her torso and her right leg just seems to disappear.

7. Paris Hilton

The ultimate socialite gave us a new lesson in Photoshop detection: not only does her waist appear suspiciously slim, the fuzzy line on the left side indicates that this picture has been submitted to more than a filter.


Do you think it's OK for celebrities to photoshop their Instagram pictures?


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