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Key frame artists conjure up visual aids in order to organize everything that's going to go into a specific frame in a movie. In an action sequence, the key frame is the one that defines the entire frame. For Deadpool, that meant a lot of hard work before filming could begin.

Artist Sean McNally has released some of the key frames that he and fellow artists John J. Park and James Paick did while Deadpool was still just in pitch-status. They captured everything in so much detail — and even included the T-rex gag!

This is what McNally had to say about their work, which he posted to Facebook:

Here are a couple production illustrations I did for Deadpool a few years ago, back when it was still in pitch-status. The freeway aftermath piece was teh first production illustration to be done for the film, this is the cleaned-up PG-13 version, there's a rated R version somewhere with tons of blood and decapitation (which is closer to the film, actually haha). The second piece was done a little later on to illustrate the broken hads "T-Rex" gag, which came off great in the film I think!

Check out these other amazing key frame images:

"Have You Seen Francis?"

Colossus Gets The Bad Guy

Battle Aftermath

Artists: Sean McNally, Joshua James Shaw, Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Tom Zhao, Darren Quach, John J. Park, James Paick

Did you recognize these key frames from 'Deadpool'?


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