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Civil war : Whose side are you on?

Civil war: Whose side are you on?
Civil war: Whose side are you on?

This is being the most discussed question to those who are huge marvel fan, Right? Being a marvel fan I am excited about this movie 'Civil War'.

Many of us have also seen both the trailers and are already excited about the movie. The another question arises is that who is going to win this war in the movie? Well, the makers know it better. But, as a viewer, there are only two things who is going to win? and whose side are you on?

Two teams of superheroes one side of IRON MAN and another of CAPTAIN AMERICA. Seriously it is very tough to choose on whose side you are going to be. If you ask me both(spiderman also) are my favorite and also there are some new characters too in the movie. One is badass(can't come with another word) techie and another one is equal to the four persons. Both of them are setting new goals in technology and physical fitness. Iron man for artificial intelligence and Cap. America for his stamina. It is very tough to choose one out of two so what I decided is to be neutral.


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