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Now, the imminent arrival of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice in theaters is obviously great news for a whole bunch of geektastic reasons – not least of which is the fact being that it looks set to sate our overwhelming societal obsession with superheroes beating the snot out of one another for our entertainment.

That, though, isn't the only kind of movie Batman v Superman could have ended up being. Y'see, while we tend to conceive of superhero movies as being inherently antagonistic, action-packed affairs, there's actually no particular reason that they couldn't, were studios so inclined, embrace all sorts of genres.

Which, clearly, is a thought shared by the folks over at Wired, who recently released a glorious re-editing of Batman v Superman's trailers, which have now become...

Batman v Superman: A Romantic Comedy

Yup, that's right.

Somewhere out there, there's a world in which Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice was not, in fact, and ever-so-serious look at the consequences of heroism and the nature of man - but was instead a heartwarming romantic comedy about a guy named Clark, and a guy named Bruce.

And in that there video, we're lucky enough to catch a brief, glorious glimpse of that world. A reality in which Lex Luthor is less a supervillain, and more a lovable sidekick, and in which Wonder Woman is presumably the source of a key misunderstanding in the third act. A reality, indeed, in which it is totally cool for Batman and Superman to just fall in love with each other and be done with it, thus giving a whole cottage industry of fanfic writers a break.

Now, could someone have a word with Zack Snyder, and get that thing made into a full length feature? Surely a Just Us League movie beckons?

What do you think, though?


Who would you rather see be the main character in a rom-com version of Batman v Superman?

via Wired


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