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(Spoilers for Episode 1 of Outcast lie ahead.)

The debut episode of Outcast, created by Walking Dead comic writer Robert Kirkman, has shocked SXSW audiences with painful scenes of a kid getting the living shit beaten out of him. A climactic exorcism scene shows troubled hero Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) punching a possessed 10-year-old in the face.

That's just the way they do exorcisms these days apparently as, according to EW, Barnes has previously revealed the method worked in the past.

Gabriel Bateman in 'Outcast'
Gabriel Bateman in 'Outcast'

The recipient of the beating was probably 10-year-old Gabriel Bateman, who plays possessed Joshua Austin in the series, though the character's identity has not been confirmed.

In a group talk on stage after the world premiere at SXSW on Monday, Fugit joked, "He was a monster and he deserved it."

Clearly the Cinemax show is doing something right as Outcast Season 2 has already been confirmed.

Lunchtime: Joshua Austin in the 'Outcast' comics
Lunchtime: Joshua Austin in the 'Outcast' comics

People have died in the past during attempted real-life exorcisms, so EW believes the scene may cause some controversy.

The first episode of The Walking Dead in 2010 also had a kid getting hurt, with a slippered girl getting shot in the head.

Robert Kirkman said at SXSW:

"I had a slightly religious upbringing I don’t like talking about. So this stuff has always terrified me. It’s somewhat therapeutic to try to face those things and work through them in a way that makes me money.

"There’s going to be a lot of new stuff for people who have read the comics. There’s going to be a lot of differences, but anybody who loves the comics will still love the show.”

Cast and creators at SXSW premiere | Source: SXSW
Cast and creators at SXSW premiere | Source: SXSW

The plot follows Kyle Barnes, a man plagued by demons, embarking on a turbulent journey with Reverend Anderson to try and get back his regular life.

See the terrifying trailer:

Season 1 of 'Outcast' will premiere on June 3 on Cinemax.

Will you be watching 'Outcast'?

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