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It's the middle of March, and here in the U.S. for any basketball fan that means it's March Madness and it's time to fill out the college basketball bracket. March Madness is a huge event where I'm from in Michigan, and whether you're a fan of the University of Michigan or Michigan State University (GO GREEN!!!) or even Ohio State it all becomes a moot point. Because the fun is watching all the games as they compete to take the title of NCAA Men's Basketball Champion.

The games themselves are almost foreshadowed by the hundreds of thousands of brackets filled out by the fans as they make their choices as to who will come out as the victor. We each use our own method of deciding; some use science, some use statistics, some use blind faith and others make some amalgam of it all. Whatever your selection method, the bracket challenge is a big part of March Madness. With that in mind I thought I'd turn that same bracket system into my own Marvel March Madness. Normally there are 64 teams to start off the season, but I wanted to make this a bit shorter for myself as well as my readers. So if you know the bracket system, then imagine that we are already to the Sweet Sixteen, and without further ado, let us begin:



#1 Ms. Marvel VS #4 Hawkeye

Ms. Marvel versus Hawkeye is an interesting matchup, albeit an unequal as some would claim. Both come with a chip on their shoulder with vastly different abilities. Who takes the first battle?


#2 Black Panther VS #3 Iron Fist

Both men in this battle are strong in their beliefs, so their determination matches across the board, the only question is who can last longer in this fairly equal fight?



#1 Doctor Strange VS #4 War Machine

The man of endless mysticism versus the patriotic military machine. Who will overcome the other and take the next step towards being crowned the Marvel Champion?


#2 Daredevil VS #3 Black Widow

At one time lovers, these two are now pitted against each other. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen against the Russian super-spy. Who has the strength to stand up after this fight?



#1 Iron Man VS #4 Ant-Man

Two technologically advanced suits face off. The walking armory of Iron Man versus the size augmentation of Ant-Man. Which man walks away the victor is this bout?


#2 Vision VS #3 Thor

The android created by science and the man walking a life of mythology. This has the makings of an explosive battle. Who knows which will take the higher ground and survive the battle?



#1 Captain America VS #4 The Punisher

The living legend of patriotism and upstanding morals faces off against the vigilante fighter of moral absolutism. This is a fight that we all knew was coming, but who will take the beating better and stay standing?


#2 Falcon VS #3 Luke Cage

An interesting matchup between the flying fighter and the immovable object. We find Falcon facing off against the Power Man, Luke Cage. Which man will last through this fight, only you can decide.

If you've made your selections, make sure to check back to my profile for the Elite Eight bracket that I'll put out on Friday with the selections made from this post. Now, let me finish with saying that there are probably quite a few people that may disagree with the 16 characters that I put in the bracket. But what I tried to do was use characters that played a role in Marvel's Civil War (even though all these characters don't show up in the film version, they had parts to play in the story itself). I also tried to use characters that are currently or soon to be in the Cinematic or Television Universe.


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