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Today is a day for truth......

With the release of Batman V Superman imminent and the hordes of reviewers waiting to give their response to the film i thought it wise to give my review and also the backstory of the people who made this film and the corporations who are trying to discredit it.

The Beginning

The original story for BvS was put together by David Goyer who also wrote the Man of Steel as well as other films like the dark knight trilogy and blade etc. His films can be described as hit and miss and unfortunately for some MoS was considered a miss as it didn't generate the revenue WB wanted and has mixed critical success. Having watched that film 3 times it does lack something, the jonathan kent charasters end was odd and the way the kryptionian ship weakens superman due to its "atmosphere" when superman doesn't actually need atmosphere to live as we see him flying through the vacume of space. I was hoping a MoS directors cut/extended cut would appease some of the holes but that never transpired.

So with Goyers script Snyder began the casting process and the first was Ben Affleck as the dark knight. The choice was very unpopular as Ben was out of shape and many couldn't see him or his voice fitting the dark knight persona, but he has thus far proved everyone and myself wrong, he did a fantastic job and thats to the help of his personal trainer managed to get himself in good shape. Before joining Affleck did have one major request, Chris Terrio look over and re-write the script.

This was odd but a masterful stroke by Ben, although it delayed the film for almost a year, in hindsight it was probably the best move the studio could have made. Terrio has bought sooo many human aspects to this film that its very different to the original by Goyer. The story, the dialogue between the characters is simply exceptional to the point of Shakespearean and this is a comic book film.

The Feedback

Despite the film not being released or reviewed there have been a constant campaign to discredit the film, most likely from rival studio's such as Disney, Sony and Fox who have a vested interest in the success of the Marvel franchise. Despite the negativity campaign BvS has maintained its hype.

Initial feedback from the studio exec screening was positive and even Goyer who has his script re-written said the movie was something special.

With only days left to its opening this film will be something special. It has something for everyone and even the strongest of us will become weak at some of the emotional scenes that await. What the trailers have revealed don't even come close to telling the story of whats coming, there will be destruction and there will also be death.

Prepare yourselves before the movie, Every minute counts so there's won't be time for toilet breaks, it will truly be a rollercoaster with mind blowing visuals, music and fights that will leave everyone breathless and don’t expect a happy ending……


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