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Nathaniel Rego

In the upcoming CGI animated movie Backyardigans, based on the former Nickelodeon family sitcom series of the same name, since the cancellation of the original film project Backyardigans: City of Villains, the 5 heroic animals of Gotham, Rhode Island, return. After a few years since the end of their 4 season TV series, Pablo Sanchez (voiced by Cameron Boyce, from Spider-Man and Code Black), Tasha Baxter (voiced again by Naelee Rae), Tyrone Clifton (voiced by Kyle Massey, from the upcoming TNT series Teen Titans), Austin Frothingslosh (voiced again by Jonah Boa, from Disney's The Descendants), and Uniqua Underhood (voiced by Sky Jackson, from Disney Channel's Bunked) reunite in Uniqua and Tasha's hometown of Los Angeles, CA, which they have moved to since the final Backyardigans episode, Tale of the Big Bad Dragon. There, they must expose and subdue an illegal animal testing operation linked to various missing persons cases across Los Angeles.

The Backyardigans debut on the big screen in Backyardigans The Movie, in theaters summer 2017.


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