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We've all been eagerly waiting since it was first announced at San Diego Comic Con 2013 that Batman and Superman, two of the most iconic superheroes, in comic book history, would face off against each other in a live-action movie, setting up the larger DC Cinematic Universe. Two and a half years later, here we are, counting down to the release date of that movie. We're literally days away from the day when [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) will hit theatres.

Comic Book fans and even Non-Comic Book fans who have grown up idolizing these two characters have huge expectations from this Movie and Zack Snyder, the Director of the Movie, can't afford to mess it up for the sake of the fans, like me even, who waited their entire life for THIS to actually happen.

Here's a list of 5 Things That Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cannot afford to mess up:

#5 - Keeping It Simple:

Zack Snyder has a bad habit of overcomplicating things. I can't stress enough on this.. The story of Batman v Superman needs to be kept simple. This movie is setting up a larger Cinematic Universe. It would be easier for the non-comic fans to understand what's going on if the story's kept simple and explained properly. Marvel had already released few films before Avengers was released. But it was Avengers that set up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One thing that Joss Whedon managed to do brilliantly was keeping the first Avengers movie simple and easy for people to understand. If you really think about it, Avengers was the movie that really revolutionised the Superhero Movie Genre, making even non-comic book fans come out in numbers and watch superhero movies. Batman v Superman needs to be easy to follow (unlike Man of Steel) for the fans. If the fans don't understand anything they won't like it and it would have an adverse effect on the future of the DC Cinematic Universe.

#4 - Equally Balance The Two Characters:

I know a lot of the Batman fans would disagree with this. Trust me. I am a Batman fan myself. And I would like to see Batman and Superman get equal screen time. I can hear all those Batman fans saying, "We have already seen Superman in Man of Steel. Give us more of Batman.". Too much of anything is not good for health. We would like to see the screen time of both the characters equally balanced out so that one character doesn't get more importance over the other. It's not Batman solo film that happens to have Superman in it. And it's also not a Superman movie that happens to have Batman in it. Hell, it's Batman V Superman and it should feel like it.

#3 - An Epic Battle:

For a movie who's name is Batman "V" Superman, you can expect fight scenes. And those fight scenes need to be no less than epic. Since this movie will be setting up The Justice League, where Batman and Superman work side by side, this is probably the first and last time we'll get to see two of our most loved heroes go at it against each other. The battle between the two needs to be such, that would bring us to the edge of our seat rooting and praying for our favourite character. If the trailers are any indicators of things to come, we're going to have an epic battle. But we want the battle to carry on for a long time before Wonder Woman shows up and stop the two of them from fighting. We don't want her showing up too soon and depriving us of enjoying the fight scenes we've been waiting to see for almost three years now.

#2 - Overcrowding:

Supporting characters are always welcome. But Batman v Superman has way too many of them. Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Alfred .. The list goes on and on. Characters like Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash are also set to make cameo apperances. The characters set to appear, should have a valid reason for their presence and have pivotal role in the movie. They shouldn't be there just to make the fans excited and happy.

While watching the movie you would be like, "Look, Look! It's the Flash!".

But after the fans are done watching the movie they should not come out of the theatres questioning themselves, "Why was Flash even in the movie?"

The story should focus as much as possible on Batman and Superman and less on the supporting cast. Because, at the end of the end of the day, Batman and Superman are the reasons why the audiences would buy their tickets and they would be expecting their money's worth.

#1 - Easter Eggs, Easter Eggs and More Easter Eggs:

Man of Steel was filled with Easter Eggs. And comic book fans would be really disappointed if Batman v Superman didn't have as much. Like I said, the story should be kept simple for the non-comic book fans to understand. But we surely love it if the writers and directors wink at the comic book fans via Easter Eggs. It's their subtle way of saying, "We see you, Comic Book fans! Here's a little something for you!". We are looking forward to a whole lot of Easter Eggs, given the fact that this movie will be setting up the DC Cinematic Universe. Please, don't mess that up!

Let us know in the comments if you think there's something else that Batman v Superman can't afford to mess up.

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