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In the recent days, Marvel dropped a bomb at us, and it was the second trailer for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). And it offered a first look at Spider-Man in the MCU, and it showed us what we were hoping to see, but it was FILLED with EASTER EGGS and MYSTERIOUS scenes... So after taking a better look at the trailer, I asked myself who was the man in the yellow tube, I thought it was Bucky aka The Winter Soldier as he was shown being released from that tube, but then I saw him with Captain America and Ironman at the same time when the yellow tube was shown!... So much more ahead to go with this article, but stick around, it might get CRAZY! PS: This article has POTENTIAL SPOILERS that may ruin the movie for you, but, I must say, that this is going to be fun!

5. Quicksilver

Quicksilver in Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Quicksilver in Avengers: Age Of Ultron

For me, I think this one is unlikely of them all, because he pretty much died in the most accurate way possible so chances: 3/10

4. Baron Zemo

Because he's the main villain of the movie, he's probably to appear in the yellow tube but I think it's too simple to be real! Chances: 6/10

3. Thor Ragnarok // Thor Cyborg

It's certainly a decent possibility, because in the comics' Civil War story-line, there is in fact a cyborg Thor created by Tony Stark, Reed Richards and Hank Pym. The guy in that yellow tube certainly looks like a tall, blond haired man, so chances are: 5/10

2. The Red Skull

In the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, we seen Red Skull being sent somewhere by the tesseract into somewhere that looked like Asgard (to me), or maybe he was sent to another dimension... So this is the right time for him to come back, right? So chances are: 7/10

Now is the big moment, the moment where it can truly be a SPOILER, and the most expected one from me.....

1. The Winter Soldier Clone!!!

The Winter Soldier in Captain America:WinterSoldier
The Winter Soldier in Captain America:WinterSoldier

Yes! Don't you see!? This makes total sense to be real! Bucky was used as a secret weapon to kill, and they came up with a clone in case Bucky came back to his old self... In my opinion (if it were real), the clone was created during the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Once they saw that he started to remember/realize Captain America's (Steve Rogers's) face, it's of course that they would want to have a plan B! And it is creating The Winter Soldier clone! Chances: 9/10

That's all from me today. Who do you think was in that yellow tube? Is it someone we're familiar with? Is it a new hero/villain? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Peace out!


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