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Forthcoming thriller Don't Breathe from Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez is off to a terrific start with yowlingly positive reviews from its premiere at SXSW on March 11.

The feature is only the second by the 38-year-old Uruguayan director, who is also renowned for his 2009 short sci-fi film Ataque de Pánico! He co-wrote the movie with Rodo Sayagues.

Don't Breathe follows three Detroit teenagers (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto) breaking into a blind man's house in the mistaken belief they'll get away with stealing his cash.

Bloody Disgusting saw the movie as "Hitchcock on crack... Think You’re Next had a baby with Panic Room and you’ve got Don’t Breathe."

Another review by Ain't It Cool said, "You get a strong female lead, some fucked up brutality and the best animal jump scare in years."

These two were not alone in being impressed, as Variety saw the creation as, "a sort of labyrinthine survival game that never descends to the formulaic, gimmicky sadism of Saw-type movies."

In an interview with Coming Soon, Alvarez said:

"['Don’t Breathe' is] not going to be a remake, it will be 100% original, there will be no blood in it and it has to be dry, very suspenseful. I think it’s a trend of horror lately that it’s supernatural so we said let’s tip away form that. It has to be in the real word, there’s enough horror in the real world. Those were self-imposed rules.

Then thinking what is always tense and creepy and scary and the conclusion was breaking into someone’s house. When the main characters step into someone’s domain it’s tense and eerie for some reason. When they enter someone’s living room, the audience gets tense and they shouldn’t aught to be there. When you walk into someone’s domain, it’s their rules, the king of the house can do whatever they want. That kind of triggered the idea of telling the story of three robbers"

'Don't Breathe' will be released on August 26, 2016 by TriStar Pictures

What do you expect from 'Don't Breathe'?

Source: Bloody Disgusting


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