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If you watch Bates Motel, you know already that its story is set prior to the events in Hitchcock's cult movie Psycho. The TV series follows Norman on his path to utter madness, during which he swings back and forth between himself and a persona dearly called "Mother" — she will ultimately be responsible for that iconic shower scene.

Season 4, Episode 1: 'A Danger To Himself And Others'

Season 3
Season 3

Season 4 recently started on March 7 with an episode titled "A Danger To Himself And Others," in which Norman wanders around the motel in his mommy's night blue robe after returning from a mental facility.

Having a great sense of timing, Emma's mother returns to town to see her daughter after she underwent surgery. But when Emma's father refuses to let them reunite, she finds shelter at the Bates Motel and talks to Norman in full "Mother" mode.

A Wicked Easter Egg

The conversation scene between Norman and Emma's mother hides a nice but chilling Easter Egg: the plush bunny brought by the mom is the same as the toy on Norman's bed in the original movie by Hitchcock. In the 1960 film, Lila Crane searches the house and stumbles upon Norman's bedroom, set up as if he were still a child.

That certainly means we're getting closer to the events in Psycho and Norman isn't very far from going fully bananas...

Did you spot this Easter Egg in 'Bates Motel'?

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