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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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Following its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival and preview at Los Angeles's Screamfest, the late Wes Craven's final project, The Girl In The Photographs, will have a widespread release on April 1. As well as arriving on VOD, the American horror will also play at select theaters across the country, and in anticipation Vertical Entertainment has shared a never before seen trailer online. See below:

With a screenplay written by Nick Simon, The Girl In The Photographs tells the story of check-out girl Colleen (Claudia Lee), who is bored with her life and frustrated with her relationship. Before long, a pair of deranged serial killers begin leaving her photos of their mutilated victims and her only chance to escape lies with Peter Hemmings (Kal Penn), a celebrity photographer who is intent on copying the killers’ artistry. But before Colleen can move on, she must contend with the stalkers, who have chosen her last night in town to execute their most provocative work to date.

Although the film has received mixed reviews from critics, it's not likely to deter his legions of admirers from viewing the final work of a man who was so greatly respected in the horror genre. Wes Craven had a spectacularly successful career spanning 45 years and was responsible for such classics as The Hills Have Eyes, A Nightmare On Elm Street and the Scream movies. He sadly died of brain cancer at the age of 76 in August last year.


Do you plan on watching 'The Girl In The Photographs'?

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