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Yes, this is an article about DC and Marvel, but it's not a who's better or worst. We know that as fans, we all win when it comes to the releases of DC and Marvel movies. Unfortunately, we also know that the debate on whether Marvel is better than DC, or DC is better than Marvel, will never end.

Have you picked a side in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice yet? If so, see if who you decided contradicts with how you decided when you came to the conclusion as to whether you were Team Cap or Team Iron Man.

So if Batman and Superman were told to pick a side in Captain America: Civil War, which side would they be on?

Surprisingly enough, Batman would actually be on Captain America's side while Superman would be backing Iron Man in this debate.

Team Captain America

Batman, (like Iron Man) is a brilliant mind, with the money to equip himself with everything he needs to fight any evil that looks to bring harm to the residents of Gotham, but that's where the similarities end in this debate. Batman does not like to answer to anyone other than himself. He also will take any and all matters into his own hands as long as the result is justice being served, just like Captain America.

Team Iron Man

Superman and Iron Man are polar opposites in the way they handle all situations, but in this scenario, they would be on the same side. Making sure that heroes do not go out to enforce their version of justice without due process, and also be left without any allegiances is something that Superman would see to. As we will see in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, he goes after Batman due to his crime fighting style and violence. Man of Steel ended with Superman destroying a United States Government drone and stating that he does not work for them, but at the same time, he's about justice and upholding laws. He might not work for them at this point, but he will abide by their laws. Hence why he questions Batman's vigilantism in fighting crime.

Will we ever see a collision of these two worlds, probably not, but who's side they would be on is something worth considering.


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